What is The Meow-Gical Box?

There will be 4 new Meow-Gical Box's a year with a completely different theme! These surprise items in the box may not be entirely for your furry friends but mostly for the cat moms and cat dads. Why? because YOU DESERVE IT!  These boxes can vary from all sorts of things, ranging from pins, patches, stationary, and jewelry. We work with many independent artist who put so much love into there product. Everything is handmade or designed by our featured artist. You will never know exactly what you will get in these boxes, but there will always be a guaranteed kitty accessory in every box.




Show the world what you received in your box and you will be qualified to win a special prize in your next box!!!


Marissa Lujan

My name is Marissa Lujan and I am the founder of both MeowRissa and The Meow-Gical Box. I am an over obsessed cat lover who graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Even before I went to FIDM I had a strong passion for owning my own business and I wanted an outlet where I can share my passions.

Meow Rissa

MeowRissa was launched in 2011 selling all sorts of kawaii style accessories. There is a wide range of handmade items such as jewelry, bows, and enamel pins.  Currently, I am collaborating my MeowRissa brand into The Meow-Gical Box by featuring exclusive items and surprises in each box. You can also find MeowRissa items in special boutiques and special events around Los Angeles. 

The Meow-Gical Box

The Meow-Gical Box all began with an idea to build a community of hand made artist who make cat things. I decided to mix both of my passions together to create monthly surprises for those who share the same passions as I do. The items in the boxes have all been carefully selected and handmade by artist from around the world. I am so excited to share what I have planned for these upcoming months!  

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