Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Meow-Gical Box?

There will be 4 new Meow-Gical Box's a year with a completely different theme! The surprise items in the box may not be entirely for your furry friends but mostly for the cat moms and cat dads. Why? because YOU DESERVE IT! These items range from pins, patches, stationary, and jewelry. We work with many independent artist who put so much love into making there product. Everything is handmade or designed by our featured artist. You will never know exactly what you will get in these boxes, but just know that it is a whole lot of cat things!

How does it work?

4 times a year, a new Meow-gical Box theme will be announced. You can either purchase a one off box, which is a one time purchase OR you can subscribe to a quarterly recurring subscription, which can be canceled at any time! Once you have either subscribed or purchased a box it will take about 2 weeks to deliver to your door step!

How are the boxes priced?

If you subscribe to a quarterly recurring subscription you will pay $18 a month and it will have exclusive merchandise. If you  purchase a one off box you will pay $20.00 and do not receive the exclusive merchandise.

When will I receive my box?

I'll be shipping out the boxes all at once around the 22nd of each month.

Do you ship worldwide?Is shipping included? 

Yes! shipping is worldwide. Unfortunately, shipping cost is not included into fee.

Can The Meow-Gical Box be given as a gift?

Absolutely! Just make sure to press the "Give as Gift" option at the home page. Also, fill free to add a note to your box and I will personally write it for you.

Can I return my Meow-Gical box?

Unfortunately, there are no exchanges or returns, all sales are final.

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